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“All City Writers”

“All City Writers” by Andrea Caputo ISBN 2-85980-013-1.


“DE LEIDSE SCHOOL” by Remko Koopman ISBN 978-90-5366-110-9.

“Burn & Learn”

Burn & Learn is a book that shows 15 spreads by 15 graffiti writers who were active when the whole phenomenon of graffiti started in Europe in the mid 80’s.

Honet (paris), Dieter Markowics (Rhein Ruhr Gebiet), Delta (Amsterdam), Sento (New York), Yalt (Amsterdam), Shave (Utrecht), Nema (London), Mins (Copenhagen), Jack in the Box (Berlin), Reaze (Utrecht), Nug (Stockholm), Eror (Unknown), Mellie (Utrecht) and Banos (Amsterdam). Each photo contained in this book is selected by the writer himself and expresses his view on what graffiti is all about. The act of graffiti is about more than the final result. It is about action, about friendship and respect. It is about facing your fears and showing grace under pressure. And having fun. The graffiti bomber has to outsmart the system.


“Backspin edition 93-94″

“Mooi van ver”

Mooi van ver: muurschilderingen in Rotterdam”, Siebe Thissen. Trichis publishing, ISBN 978-90-812416-1-8

“Graffiti in Rotterdam”

“Graffiti in Rotterdam” by Rens Muis and Wessel Wessels 2007 ISBN 978-90-5662-560-3.

“In Holland staat een piece”

“In Holland staat een piece” 2000 ISBN: 90-805896-1-6.

“GRAFFITI ART #10 styles”

“GRAFFITI ART #10 styles” by Scharzkopf & Schwarzkopf 1999 ISBN 3-89602-310-1.

“NEW YORK graffiti 1970-1995″

“NEW YORK graffiti 1970-1995″ by Markus Wiese 1996 ISBN 3-89535-455-4.


“Wholecars” by Bernhard van Treeck and Marcus Wiese 1996 ISBN 3-89535-435-x.

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